Cycle touring / Mountain biking

If you like to climb, if you like to descend, if you like to go trekking : the resorts of the Drôme are the perfect areas for your biking holidays!

Downhill mountain bike itineraries

And for those that prefer to descend rather than climb, the resorts of the Drôme offer you downhill itineraries starting from the arrival point of the lifts.

At Col de Rousset: 

  • access by chairlift
  • 1 blue run, 1 red run, 1 black run

At Valdrôme:

  • access by lift
  • something for all levels! A green, blue and red run.
  • mountain bike hire available

At Lus-la-Jarjatte:
  • access by lift
  • several runs with different levels of difficulty

Bike cleaning station and air pump at the Col de Rousset

All mountain bikers know the maintenance of their bikes is paramount!
That is why the resort of Col de Rousset offers you this washing and air service for your bike (Mountain bike, road bike…)

Automatic timbing markers

Bicycle tourists that climb up from Die to the Col de Rousset resort (22km), can measure their performance thanks to the automatic timing markers. The best climber wins!

Find out your ascent time on the web site and compare your performances with the other amateur cyclists.

This achievement has been co-financed according to the POIA – CIMA program - Regional contract of tourism diversification.


Who can accompany me?

Click here to find the list of professionals who can accompany you on this activity

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VTT de descente à la Station de Valdrôme

Downhill: 3 itineraries of different levels (1 green, 1 blue, 1 red) served by lift (from 1 PM to 5 PM). Fun area of trial in free access: wooden modules and technical passages.

Pas de l'allier


La Frache


Le Fouletier

La Chapelle-en-Vercors
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