The Drôme mountain range offers exceptional surroundings for hikers, whatever they do:
Long hiking trails or looped circuits, short walks or day long excursions, on your own or with a qualified guide and specialists of local history…As a family or between experienced participants, everyone can find the itinerary they are looking for. 


The “Karst” trail – Protected Natural Area of the plateau of Gagères - Font d'Urle


Preserving the biodiversity, managing the durability of the remarkable natural areas and their access to the public : This is the mission of the politicians in favour of the ENS (Espaces Naturels Sensibles)

The Karst trail is a sign posted trail which takes between 1.30 – 2 hours to complete. It includes 10 stops to discover the large areas of the plateau of Gagères, not far from Font d’Urle.

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20 Equipments found

Sentier du Karst


Sentier d'interprétation de Ruche - Le regard de Bzzita l'abeille


La Chapelle St Alexis


Tour du Vercors- Drôme

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